Adriano is available to teach private lessons at Drummers Collective in NYC.
TUE - 5 to 9PM
WED- 5 to 9pm
THU - 5 to 9pm
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"Afro-Caribean and Brazilian Rhythms for the Drumset"
You can purchase this book at Carl Fischer website. (catalog #CO1)/$24.95.
A comprehensive introduction to six different styles of Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian drumming, this new book is the outgrowth of the innovative courses developed at the famed Drummers Collective in New York City. Each style section contains a biography of the faculty member who teaches it, historical background on the development of the style and its derivatives, notated examples, performance tips, discography and bibliography. Most important of all, the book includes a two-CD set that lets the student hear the notated examples in performance tracks by the Drummers Collective Faculty and provides play-along tracks where the user can join in. Drumming styles covered include: Afro-Cuban, Contemporary Afro-Cuban, Afro-Pop, Brazilian, Caribbean and New Orleans (Zydeco, Cajun, New Orleans Funk, et. al.). This book and CD package is a terrific way for developing players to greatly expand and enrich their drumming “palettes.
Writers: Adriano Santos, Kim Plainfield, Memo Acevedo, Maciek Schejbal, Frank Katz and Chris Lacinak.